At Graykite we work hard to offer a selection of lessons that appeal to kitesurfing enthusiasts of all types and ages, but we can’t predict everybody’s needs. Just like our teaching methodology, we want our courses to put your needs first. That’s why we offer bespoke kitesurfing lessons – you pick what you want, and we’ll arrange for it to happen.

Whatever aspect of your kitesurfing you want to focus on Tarifa provides the conditions to do it. There are flat water lagoons where you can get up on your board for the first time or practice transitions and tricks. The Atlantic provides waves and swell if that’s your thing. And there’s the wind. In Tarifa there’s always the wind, usually either a fierce Levante or smooth Poniente.

Add to this the other local spots such as Punta Paloma, Los Canos de Meca, Palmones and Valdevaqueros and there’s something for every taste and weather condition. So you choose what you want to do, and we’ll find the place and people to make it work. There aren’t many places where that’s true, but in Tarifa you can basically choose what you want to do. And do it.

Perhaps you require unusual lesson scheduling, or specialist skills training. Maybe you want to organise a kite safari for group of friends? Maybe you just want to do a number of hours in the day that isn’t available on our standard courses. You might need to be collected from the airport or an out of town hotel, or want to use your own equipment. If there’s something specific you want, the fact you can’t see it on our list of courses doesn’t mean we can’t do it for you. In fact, whatever it is, we almost certainly can.

Whatever you want, drop Gray a line here and he’ll do his best to make it happen. Gray has spent his whole adult life teaching kitesurfing and he wants to share his passion for the sport, so whatever you want just ask.

Gray really knows his stuff, so feel free to pick his brain if you need any help or advice. If what you want to do is possible and even vaguely sane, he’ll put you on track to get it done.


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Duration2 hours kitesurf lesson, 3 hours kitesurf lesson
GROUPSIZEPrivate Lesson, Semi-Private Lesson

Can’t see the kitesurf course what you want? Design your own kitesurfing course and we’ll make it happen.

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